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This furniture manufacturing company had requested Kao & Kao to accomplish the following goals in its email system and web application:

A. Email system:

  1. For inbound emails, the company wanted all key persons of the company have their own email addresses such as on the Internet and all emails were to be distributed to their desktop. However, the company did not want these employees have web access.
  2. For outbound emails, the company wanted these employees be able to send emails from their desktop without any direct web access.
  3. All emails, inbound or outbound, are to be kept in their privacy and distributed automatically without assigning any body to handle them.

Kao & Kao's solution:

Kao & Kao set up an email server and installed an internal email program and an external email filtering system on it. At each predetermined interval, this server would dial up the mail server with the I.S.P. (Internet Service Provider) and collect all the emails. Based upon the name indicated on the email address, the filtering system would deliver these mails to internal mailboxes and the internal email system would deliver to each person's desktop. All these procedures were done in privacy and automatically by this server. For outbound email, this server would collect all email from everyone's desktop and dispatch them to the mail server with the I.S.P. when the connection is made with the I.S.P. at the above-predetermined interval.

B. Web application:

Other than the usual pages and link funcions, the company wanted the following:

  1. An on-line catalog of all its products with pictures, specification and price for its dealers to shop. In addition, order can be placed on the web by the dealers with sufficient level of security (see demo).
  2. Consumer can look up the nearest dealer through an U.S. map on the web and email the dealer without leaving the current page.
  3. Provide real time communications including commission report to salesperson with password protection.
  4. Dealer credit application can be all handled through the web.

Kao & Kao has completed this project successfully and continue to maintain and service the company’s web server on a monthly basis.

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