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While others audit your numbers, Kao & Kao audit your business. In today's fast-paced business world, an accountant that only looks back on the past won't help you move ahead. Our "business approach" to accounting services emphasizes looking beyond the accounting entries to the underlying operations and business situations which give rise to them. We then can share insight with our client and help our client discover innovative ways to improve their processes and enhance performance. We have performed certified audits for a variety of industries including Banks, Finance companies, Credit Unions, Manufacturing companies, Real Estate developers, Entertainment companies, import and exporting companies, Satellite communication companies. We have also performed special purpose audits such as 401K plan audit for income tax purpose, supervisory examination for a regulated company and internal audits for the management of the client and fraud audit for the insurance company.

Income Taxes

Among client's larger expenses are their business and individual taxes. The tax service rendered by us neither begins nor ends with the preparation and filing of tax returns. It involves a complete service that correctly interprets every tax issue. It provides for the organization of accounting systems based on tax consideration. It keeps clients posted on the host of new rulings and amendments daily made to the tax regulations, has record of all tax dates, and sees that all tax returns are filed on time. Our clients declare that our service invariably saves them many time its cost.

Monthly write up

For clients that their businesses are at a beginning stage or its revenue does not warrant the cost of a full time accounting person, Kao & Kao can set up the books and perform accounting functions on a monthly basis. Due to our database programming background, we could be very innovative to process data in their unique business environments.

Custom developed Software

Other than the Software that were mentioned in the successful stories, We have developed numerous custom made software for clients such as general ledger, payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, health club membership and day labor program. For our own accounting practice, we have developed programs such as client write up, client due date monitor, time & billing and contact management programs.

Web database application development

For clients that require on-line transactions in their web site, we are their best choice due to our accounting  and database processing background.   Our knowledge in client's business has also helped in developing their web applications.  The web applications we have developed are far more than just many colorful pages.  Instead, they are a transaction based accounting system running on the Internet.

Web Site Hosting

For clients that we developed the web database applications, as a package, we also host, manage and maintain their applications on our web server. Some Clients also manage their server remotely in their own office. Our web database server is connected to 4 T3 lines that allow thousands of simultaneous connections.

Custom Server Configuration

For clients demand more computing power, we can suggest them to use certain types of parts in their main server to cope with their daily heavy system loads. In addition, our computer department can assemble, configure and test the server before it is put to use.

Networking services

For clients that we have developed the mission critical applications such as the credit union data processing system, our computer department also maintains their network including their operating systems, servers, stations, cable system, switches and hubs, printers to make sure they are up and running 24x7 all the times.

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