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This market research company recruits people through the Internet to conduct audits for its clients. These audits include those required by the agreements or by owners audit its nationwide branches etc. After the audit, the results would be input back to the database in the web application by the auditors promptly, then the company could use the database to generate reports for its clients.

The company first went to one of largest I.S.P. (Internet Service Provider) in the U.S. for its web application development. After 3 months, the company faced with 3 problems as follows:

  1. The programmers in the I.S.P. seriously lacked business experiences and there was no business rules implemented in the application. A mess of data was created and taking more time to sort the data than do it manually.
  2. For documentation purposes, all requests for the programming work has to be done by email, not by real person communication, and it has to go through levels of review before it can be handed down to the programmers and the precious time has gone by.
  3. The company did not attract much attention in the I.S.P. Many complaints have filed and no action has been taken.

After enough frustration, the company finally consulted with Kao & Kao for redeveloping a complete web application for them. Kao & Kao has all the resources the company needs to complete this project. Kao & Kao used its business and accounting background in implementing business rules and workflow into the application. Kao & Kao reacts very fast to client’s request and came up with workable solutions in days not in weeks.

The web application is developed according to the schedule stated in the contract and it is currently running on the Internet. Kao & Kao continues maintaining the web application monthly and the company is very happy with our work.

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