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General Services

Kao & Kao CPA's, founded in 1982, has provided a full-range of services to meet a wide spectrum of needs. We emphasize a "business approach" that combines our analytical skill with our entrepreneurial business spirit. We match appropriate professionals to form a team that satisfies our client needs. Thus offering the highest level of client service in a timely and cost effective manner.

Computer Services

Since 1986, Kao & Kao has more than a decade of experience with database programming projects.  Our computer department has been challenged by many difficult tasks and completed them successfully.  Merging our success stories with our accounting, business and technology knowledge enables us to brand ourselves as a "Solution Provider".  In efforts to provide on-line solutions,  Kao & Kao, C.P.A.s now employ Internet technologies to develop state of the art transaction based information systems. 


Kao & Kao C.P.A.'s
1848 Lincoln Blvd., #200, Santa Monica, CA 90404 Tel:(310)396-5448