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Web Servers:


2 Web servers hosted in-house with high-speed Internet connection which allows hundreds of concurrent sessions.  


E-mail Server: Hosted in-house with high-speed Internet connection..


File & Client Server:


Serving local stations & clients.


Database Server: Serving both local and web clients.


Access Server: VPN (Virtue Private Network) Server provides remote access to our network system via High-Speed & Dial up connections


Print Servers: High speed text printers.
Check printers.
HP Network laser printers.
Draft printers.


Fax Server: Allow users to send/receive fax document from their own desktops.


CD-ROM Server: Provide research information to each station via network.
Backup: 2 back up systems on timer. Automatic backup unattendedly at night.
Local Stations: Up-to-date Window systems, with multiple monitors for each station PC.



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Kao & Kao C.P.A.'s
1848 Lincoln Blvd., #200, Santa Monica, CA 90404    Tel:(310)396-5448